Friday, March 22, 2013

Much To Do About Nothing

So what's my day going to be?  Should I go to an event today?  There's going to be a celebration in our town of food and music.  Or should I get my nails done at the local nail shop or go to Sallys and pickup that stuff I may need for my hair or just leave it like it is?

Should I continue to change things around organize my makeup, my closets and tell myself I'm cleaning house?  Maybe I'll just get crazy and look for things that need to be cleaned in my house and do housework. Then I'll be one of those ladies who keeps a spotless house and get excited about how the latest household product works.

If I'm lucky I may stay home and just do whatever I damn well please even if it's just
staying in bed half the day.

That's life.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sheerilee's Daily Doings

So this Sheerilee and all her zany things.  This isn't supposed to be a journal but I feel like venting.
So I awoke rather lazy this morning and decided I was just too tired to do very much.  I've been going around like a robot during the week trying to do this and that in my house, trying to be perfect and probably doing less than when I'm not and just going about life.

This week I managed to lighten my hair a little and felt better.  I went shopping the usual for personal things and fun at a local drugstore.  I decided to look in Payless Shoe Store and ended up with two pair of shoes and a new bag.  I love shoes and bags. I decided Iwould get the same heels Ialready had because they were comfortable and a pair of white wedges for the summer.  I thought the shoes I already have were scuffed up and found out that they look almost as the ones I bought like them.  So I'm taking them back and getting a different pair, the same kind but in a different color.

Today I decided instead of buying chips and pretzels I'd started eating healthy again so instead of junk food I had a big chicken salad for dinner.  However I also had a margarita.  You have to have a little spice in your life.

Well what I haven't been telling you is I've been getting my spring/summer wardrobe together.  The shoes are a part of it.

So far I've bought a pair of Danskin athletic pants, a pair of black knit pants, about 5 different T=shirts of different colors.  I need one more pair of crops and two pair of shorts.  I get these things gradually.  I also have two pair of sport shoes, one pair of keds, and one pair of walking shoes.  These I bought from Big 5.

Well until next time I'll be thinking of you.  I hope I won't buy another pair of shoes when I exchange the ones I have.  Well this is my zany world.  Oh I forgot I also bought a Little Kitty notepad.  I like Little Kittty.