Thursday, March 29, 2012

New Handbag

I decided I've come to far out of going by those old rules of fashion and etiquette.  Remember when the bag had to match the dress and shoes perfectly.  The days when Church on Sunday meant shoes and handbag picked out together especially the same color .  When we went to a wedding also and please don't wear white.
Well I decided to buy a pair of white pumps for Easter.  I bought these quite a while ago.  Today I stopped in Payless and bought a dressey white handbag to match.   I have two floral spring dresses from last year to pick from to wear.  I also have a white linen blazer that 's a few years old that I hardly wore.  I notice it's still in style even more so this year.

Well alll this makes me happy but no I don't stick to rules in fashion or eqtiquette You have to be flexible and use common sense.  Etiquette says you should put your bag with a strap on the bacxk of your chair.  Nope not me, too afraid of it getting stolen.  Yes I'll use my favorite bag with anything because some handbags match anything..